Hey guys

Don’t come here with the thinking this will be some magic I’m telling you about that will keep you motivated and you’ll never have to worry about it again because it isn’t and you will worry.

Now that that’s out the way I want to tell you how I deal with motivation, what gets to me and how I look at it.

I was in and out of the gym for a good six months prior to 2016 and I then decided to give it a proper go and I’m still going 4 days a week, at the least. When I started I was 16 Stone 8lbs and I’m now 15 Stone 11lbs and still losing weight hoping to reach my target weight of 13 Stone, I’m also trying to find my form on the different exercises that I have in my workout plan.

I DO LOSE MOTIVATION and have done a lot, I call it a NEG day, however how I deal with it is to look at the bigger picture, I try to see myself in, like, a year from now or further. I imagine what it is I could look like if I keep going… There’s also looking back at the progress I’ve already made, now to some my progress isn’t massive, but it’s massive TO ME and I never want to go back to how I was before.

For me looking forward is a higher motivator than looking back. Let me know how you get, and stay, motivated below.