I know what you’re thinking, Weigh day 3?? where’s #1 & #2 ? Ok, so I’ve only just started to blog my fitness journey and at the time of writing I’ve had my third weigh day. I won’t miss any more.

I started at day 1 at 16St 8lbs which isn’t even my largest weight, back at the start of 2015 I was on the verge of hitting 18 Stone :O This time I’ve put myself in the mind set of that number being my motivation.

So, weigh day #3 I weighed in at 15St 11Lbs which is an 11lbs loss in just 3 weeks and leaves me with only 3Lbs more to lose to have lost a stone in, just, 4 weeks time.

I did go and workout today, but after not enjoying much sleep the night before and being in-between workout plans it wasn’t a great workout and I lacked effort.

I aim to keep losing weigh healthily and keep on ‘trying’ to work hard at the gym to see some muscle definition to my upper half, arms, shoulders etc etc..

Let me know about your journeys below guys 😀