Hey Guys..

This is something that other people don’t really give much thought to, they just press play on a play list and go do their workout. I’m the same in that respect, but I’ve started found myself wanting to learn about the different types of music for the different workouts. For example someone who goes to the gym and does a session of just cardio over someone who goes only to lift. And also is there really any actual science behind differing styles of music doing anything at all while working out or is all just psychological. Maybe I’m giving it too much thought.

So, I ask you the reader, tell me what you listen to:

  • Do you listen to a set type of music in the gym that you don’t when not in the gym?
  • Do you just stick to what you like and workout?
  • Do you prefer a podcast, or YouTube video?
  • Do you listen to anything as long as it’s something to listen to.
  • Other – Tell me…

I know that music is almost as mandatory as your water bottle for the majority of people who attend the gym regularly, so I’m hoping that this post will get the community discussing this a lot. I’ve still yet to settle on a preferred style of music and I’ve been going for quite some time.