Hey Guys…

I’ve just spent 5 days in the hospital with my girlfriend after she gave birth to our son, so I’ve not worked out for a whole 5 days. Shocking I know! But we have 2 other children that I took over responsibility for, it was tiring getting them ready for school, taking them then heading up to sit at the hospital for a few hours, then to come home and collect my children from school, get them fed, cleaned and into bed. This left no time for the gym or working out and my diet sucked as hospital food is not diet friendly.

It’s now Saturday and I’m eager to get back, so tomorrow I’m going back and it’s leg day. I’m also looking to set some proper goals, achievable goals that I know I can work towards.

  • Go to the gym for 28 days in a row – Do anything for 28 days and it turns into a habit.
  • Stick to my diet for a whole month – I’ve eaten a bunch of crap recently and I NEED to shift 2 stone.
  • Become more body confident – Even at the stage I’m at now I want to post pics.
  • Perfect my form with the different exercises I’m doing at the gym.
  • Set a date to look back and set new goals.

To some people these goals would seem silly, or even pointless. To me though I feel these are a small step to a better set of goals on my journey to changing my body. I want to perfect my form in the gym, but have no idea how to do so as I go alone and have no way of recording at the gym, It’s a constant roundabout of me watching videos and then trying to do what I saw, on the video, in the gym.

If you’re looking to set goals at the moment do so, it’s a great motivator and I stand by the process 100% if stuck to and achieved.

Let me know…

Pete 😀