Hey Guys.

You know when you take a break from a diet and working out and put all your weight back on and fall back into crappy habits? No…. Just me? Thought so!

Now I know exactly what I’m doing and where I’m going wrong, but I’m struggling to break away from it. I work from home, so it’s harder in my opinion. Like I understand totally that it’s all mind, in that it’s all a mental battle between my having a good day on my diet and working out over not working out and caving to the chocolate or more bread or cake etc.

The mind battle is what is stressing me out the most right now, and it’s harder than before to break away from it. Trying to tell myself not to do or eat something and then not doing it is becoming so difficult. HOW DO I SLAY THIS DEAMON!!

I spoke with ChelseaLifts not long ago who gave me some brilliant advice. I just need to put it into practice. I’d also love to have someone to be accountable to which would help, in my mind, maybe,, hopefully. Who knows, I feel it would help.

Let me know what you think. If you’re feeling like this right now or if you have any advice.