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My name is Peter Slater. This January (2016) I decided to live a healthier life, but this also meant learning everything there is to know about working out, being healthy, and the nutrition that goes along with it. If you are like me, at the start of your fitness journey and looking for somewhere to help inspire and offer advice on certain areas of nutrition, or different exercises, you’re in the right place, I WILL be as open as I can regarding what has worked for me. I WILL share as much as I can about my diet, including what I normally eat and any cheat days I may have along the way.

This is my most recent progress picture and a quote I like to live by, both in terms of my fitness and general life. It helps!

If something stands between you and your success, move it. Never be denied. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

I’m a 31 year old father to three kids, so finding time to work out can come at a high cost. Then when it comes to the nutrition side of things, I try to shop for healthy food and get the delicious temptations that the kids like too. But it works. There is always time to workout no matter how busy you are and I’ll be sharing tips and advice throughout my journey that I hope will inspire you.

I’m always happy to answer questions, give advice or just chat. You can find me at any of the social links at the top of this page, or simply sub to my site and comment on the posts that catch your eye.


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